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- We Cater to All Leagues Big & Small
- Well Organized and Professional Photo Day
- Orders Fulfilled in 2-4 Weeks Guaranteed

Are parents tired of wasting money on boring pictures of their kids year after year?  Why settle for the ordinary when Picture Day Photography can deliver the EXTRAORDINARY?  Using the latest greenscreen technology we photograph each child having fun with a unique pose and their choice of 50 cool high resolution backgrounds.  Each print is custom designed and creatively laid out by our professional graphic design artists.  Look through our gallery of ACTUAL orders to get an idea of what your league members can expect from league photos!


Make a strong impression by having the top tournament photography company represent your league's local tournament!  Book us now to avoid disappointment!  It does not cost your association anything to have us set up at your tournament.  We cater to all sizes of tournaments and can deploy up to 16 viewing stations to ensure everybody gets a chance to view their pictures!  Act fast as we typically get booked several months in advance.


Is your school having a Grade 8, High School or post-secondary graduation ceremony or prom night?  Invite Picture Day Photography out to this milestone event and all attendees will be guaranteed amazing picture perfect memories to look back on!  There is absolutely no cost to the school or grad committee.  We will set up our extensive on-location equipment and capture studio quality shots and sell affordably priced prints to those looking for Kodak moments of their special night.